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tire. I dismounted the tire from the rim, and found some grayish white powdery corrosion. A similar, but less severe chemical reaction takes place when soapy water is used as a lubricant for tire mounting and dismounting. Parts of the rim were also pitted right where the bead contacts the inside of the rim. I finally found a product that will ease the mounting and dismounting of a motorcycle tire. The product is known as a protectant. Howard Halasz, Wing World, technical Contributor Houston,. Two brand names of such protectants are STP Son-Of-A Gun and Armor-All Protectant. Then sprinkle some water into the pan and watch the bottom of the aluminum pan literally evaporate, leaving a grayish white powder behind. Apparently, the soap in the soapy water had enough sodium hydroxide (the stuff that makes soap slippery) to corrode the alloy rims that are used on later model Gold Wings. Usubricant that IS safe AND free OF alkalis, such arotectant. But now the problem with Lemon Pledge furniture polish is that the first time our caveman friend slams on the brakes, the rim will stop, but the motorcycle will act like the Energizer Bunny and keep rolling! This product also acts as a sealant. It turned out that the tire itself was not leaking. One optional lubricant is Lemon Pledge furniture polish. However, if your rim is made of anything other than chrome plated or stainless steel, I do not advise you to use soapy water.

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I found no leaks. Youll find that products such as Drano contain sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. I checked the tire, valve stem, and valve for leaks using water from my garden hose. Toukokuuta ja ne on tarkoitus saattaa loppuun toukokuun aikana. Now the dismount and remount job is so easy that even a caveman can do it! All of these products had major drawbacks when it came to tire mounting lubricant and sealant! By this time, bubbles were flowing like an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a glass of water! A local Honda dealer here in Houston installed new tires, front and rear, on my customers 1999 GL1500SE Last week the customer brought his Gold Wing to my shop to install new fork seals and steering head bearings.

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